Casting [3] roles for a short shooting between Dec 16 & 18. Submissions without photos, reels, websites and/or links to previous projects will not be considered.

To be clear – you don’t NEED an edited reel. Links to projects that show me your work is good too! Ideally, a photo or a reel/previous work is best.

You can view some of my work at Please email submissions to with PATRIOT in the subject line. I’m casting multiple projects at once and need to keep them separated.

No day rate. Travel will be covered (in most cases). Food. Credit. Use for reel and social.


LOGLINE: An aging Russian spy from the Cold War Era reluctantly completes one last mission before self-retirement.

ALEXEI (60s/70s)
A bit of a curmudgeon at this point, but deep down still has a soft spot for kids. Deep, deep down. Having devoted his life to his homeland and doing countless things he’s not proud of, Alexei is at his wit’s end. He lost his wife some years ago and the relationship with his grown daughter has become more estranged over the decades. He’s never met his grandchildren. His “job” has kept him from being the father he should have been. He missed out on a lot of his life, but he always took pride in his allegiance to his country. Over the years, his allegiance tastes more like resentment and he’s conflicted between doing what he’s expected to do and taking things into his own hands. Must be white male. Must be able to speak a few lines of Russian convincingly.

SAMMY (8-12yo)
The neighbor kid has lived next door to Alexei for many years. The new flavor of the month is lacrosse and let’s just say Sammy isn’t the star player. Sort of the Dennis the Menace to Alexei’s Mr. Wilson. A small but pivotal role in Alexei’s day – and life as it turns out. Any gender or ethnicity.

A cheerful store clerk. Standard cashier transaction with some conversation about donating to children for the holidays. Any gender or ethnicity.