We are looking for two males to star in our upcoming short film Divine Inspiration. If you are interested in any of the roles please email us a head shot and reel or monologue.

Divine Inspiration is a horror film with found footage elements that follows three film students putting together their senior film for school. They are shooting a documentary following a new upcoming abstract artist named Jesse.While interviewing Jesse they learn about his past, process and brand new painting he is planning on showing the world.

Artist and star of the documentary. Jesse is a very positive and happy person whos work is very dark and abstract . He is beyond thrilled to be the star of the students film and has connected with the director Grace. His background is that he is from Amish country but has left during Rumspringa to pursue art in the big city.

Boom operator of the documentary. After a rejection from the film’s director, Grace, Michael is just going through the motions to get the project done. He is bitter, sarcastic, unenthusiastic and gets very jealous of the connection that Grace and the artist Jesse share.