We are looking to cast three key characters for our upcoming horror film Aphasia. Listed below are a brief synopsis of the film and the character descriptions.

Aphasia: Aphasia is what happens when you combine the gore of Evil Dead with the character traits of Twin Peaks. The film follows Sarah after a failed hanging due to the stress of her work. During the suicide attempt, Sarah watches herself leave her body as becomes an empty vessel for ANYTHING to crawl in. She re-enters her body but isn’t alone. With the help of an ex-priest and rouge exorcist, they fight to expel what has taken over Sarah’s body and save her soul.

Father John: Late 20’s- mid 30’s. Ex-priest and one of the main protagonists. Former priest.
Mid-late thirties. Suffers from PTSD from an encounter with the demon when he was younger.
Rugged and often frantic.

Jackie: Mid 20’s-early 30’s Main character Sarah’s old best friend. Owns the local diner, well kept
and upbeat.

Father Bruce: Late 20’s early 30’s. Partner to the main protagonist, Father John. Clean cut, voice
of reason.

We ask that everyone interested please email JERKSProductions@gmail.com with a headshot, resume, reel, and/or monologue if available.