Casting [5] roles for a short shooting Dec 20 & 21. Submissions without photos and/or reels or websites will not be considered.

To be clear – you don’t NEED an edited reel. Links to projects that show me your work is good too! But yes, I need to see what you look like in some capacity with your initial email.

You can view some of my work at Please email submissions to with DISGRACED in the subject line. I’m casting multiple projects at once and need to keep them separated.

Still in pre-production and scouting locations, but will most likely be shooting within inside a 30-45min radius of Reading, PA. Travel expenses will be covered (in most cases).

I look forward to all your submissions!


” D I S G R A C E D ”

LOGLINE: An excommunicated priest is dragged back into practice to perform an exorcism.

HENRY (30s/40s)
Cocky, but has the goods to back it up. Very smart, but his vices tend to hide it. Apathetic to most causes, but very serious when it comes to working toward the greater good – as long as it’s done his way. He’s definitely an alpha without a pack. British accent, would consider Irish/Scottish. Will need to speak a few lines of Spanish convincingly.

IAN (30s/50s)
The beta to Henry’s alpha. Definitely very capable and intelligent in his own right, but typically more calculated. The fact that he’s resorted to Henry’s unorthodox tactics shows how capable he knows he is. British accent, would consider Irish/Scottish. Will need to speak a few lines of Spanish convincingly.

MR. FRITZ (50s/60s)
British, stocky man. Definitely used to be a futbol player and probably a boxer. Basically Ian’s bodyguard.
Picturing a Bob Hoskins type but bigger. Barely any lines in this role, but his presence is known throughout. There’s a reason he doesn’t speak and it’s revealed by the end.

EMMANUEL (40s/60s)
A blue collar street vendor/shop owner from Granada, Spain. A very family oriented man who runs a small family business with his extended family members. Picturing a beard, but not necessary. Spanish speaking part. Spain dialect.

LUCIA (10-15yo)
As Emmanuel’s daughter, she grew up in the family business and spent her childhood playing futbol with her brothers and cooking with her grandmother. Very innocent young lady. Spanish speaking part. Spain dialect. ** Will consider 18+ if they look young **