This is a Casting Call for a Drexel University student film entitled,

“A Sleep Experiment”


Jim has been awake for 15 days as part of a scientific experiment on the effects of sleep deprivation. Trapped in a single room with only a chair and intercom, Jim wrestles with questions from the researcher while attempting to cope with both auditory and visual hallucinations.

(Experimental/thriller; 5 minutes)


This is a Casting Call for:

Jim (25-35) — an average build male with little to no unique features. He is strong but doesn’t normally show it, and introverted for the most part. However, the man he was before entering the room, ceases to exist once he reaches the 15 day mark. For this reason, the backstory and many emotional elements of the character will be at the discretion of the selected actor with help from the director. Creative freedom is important to this character’s backstory, but the script will serve as the guideline for specific lines and actions.

**For this role, actors must send in a pre-recorded monologue (of their choosing) as well as any reels or previous work, if available.

VOICE (30-55) — a deep voiced, somber male voice that speaks to Jim through an intercom in the room. The voice asks questions regarding Jim’s physical and emotional responses to the experiment in a sinister, but almost comforting manner (think of HAL 9000).

**This role is completely off-screen, so you will not be required to be on set for this project. Instead, a single voice recording session will take place on the Drexel campus. This can be scheduled at a time of your choosing, pending the availability of the director.

**Applicants for VOICE should submit a pre-recorded monologue as well as any reels or previous work, if available.

Food will be provided and transportation will be compensated for (if necessary).

The shoot will take place on Drexel University’s campus in University City, specific location TBD.
If you have any questions, please reach out to