Pepperoni Ransom
A man desperate to fund the repair of the ferris wheel on which he and his wife shared their first kiss kidnaps a Bitcoin millionaire.


HENRY, 70s/80s, a precocious man slowly slipping into dementia, as stubborn as he is loyal. It takes a lot to earn his trust, but once you’re in he’ll go to the ends of the Earth for you. He knows how to use his charm and how to weave a tale. He’s a bit enigmatic and his past may or may not involve some criminal activity. One thing is clear, he’s ready to do whatever necessary to fulfill the promise he made to his wife to take her back to the ferris wheel where they shared their first kiss… LEADING ROLE.

NATALIE, Mid 20s, a French expat and Henry’s caregiver. Natalie is meandering through her twenties from one sarcastic quip to the next, never letting on exactly how lost she is. She’s a walking contradiction. She’s non confrontational but won’t take your shit; she’s impulsive and indecisive all at once — quick to pick up and go at the first sign of friction. She’s incredibly empathetic, but can turn it off for self-preservation. She considers Henry a father. He took her in and she loves him for it… SUPPORTING LEAD – Must be comfortable with a French accent.

DENNIS, ITALIAN-AMERICAN, Early 30s, a pizza delivery manchild. Dennis is underwhelming. The only thing he’s masterful at is suppressing his feelings. He’s level headed to a fault and his passivity often gets him into trouble. His lack of self-confidence and desire for people to like him means he’s willing to pretend he’s something he’s not.

MACK, ITALIAN-AMERICAN, Early 50s. What mack lacks in self-awareness he makes up for in hair grease. He’s a closet racist with a bravado to match his gaudy taste. He’s clearly overcompensating for something — probably his relentless need for validation.

MIGUEL, LATINO, 20s, the master chef. He busts his ass every day despite never getting the respect he deserves. He genuinely loves his work and would never do something that might jeopardize losing it. So, he’ll talk shit, just not to your face.

RAUL, LATINO, 30s, a dishwasher. He’s just getting by. He’s kind-hearted but soft and somewhat incompetent which makes him the perfect target for Mack’s wrath. He and Dennis have a lot in common.

Will pay between $75-125 per day.
We will shoot between April 5 – 15 with potential to push back to May.

Special Notes: Ideal talent would be comfortable with improvisation. Henry and Natalie will potentially need to travel to North Carolina for a one day shoot.