Written by: Imani Rothwell
Directed by: Imani Rothwell
Produced by Korey J
Production Company: Steven Micheal Studio
Non-Union & Non-Paid
May 25th-26th
Shooting in Philadelphia

A short about the power of healing that lies in the arms of black sisterhood.

Younger Amir 12, Black
He has an infectious smile with a big bright personality to match. If black boy joy was a person it will be Amir.

Younger Ashanti, 11, Black
A very observant kid who has a secret crush on Amir.

Older Amir 25
An infectious smile with a spirit that reaps of joy. Silly, Confident, and very much in love with his childhood crush Ashanti.

Ifetayo, 21, Black
Ashanti little sister and the youngest out of the four friends. She doesn’t think before she speaks. She’s also funny in her own childish way. Actor must be willing to get their hair cornrowed on camera.

Nevaeh, 24, Black
Speaks when moved. Has a spiritual energy that levels out the group of friends. An actor with visible tattoos is highly preferred.

Saffriona 23, Black
She holds everyone secret in the group. The friend everyone wants and needs but only so few deserves. Strong personality that can easily be read on screen. An actor who knows how to braid is preferred.

Mike, 40’s, White
He is that grimy slimly car dealer. Very icky and greasy.

Audition April 27th-28th
Callbacks April 30th

**Please email all submissions to for time slots!!!
If you can’t make the audition submit a video audition to

Please note once cast we will begin rehearsals right away leading to the shoot. Rehearsals are two days a week it is very important to be able to rehearse and shoot in the month of May. If your May is not looking flexible please DO NOT submit.