Casting for LOU & CHELSEA

Short comedy

When Chelsea and Lou discover they’re expecting, the couple is forced to seek help with Lou’s eccentric parents, two relics of the 70s punk scene. The film takes place over the course of an evening meal, when Lou introduces Chelsea to Sid and Debbie.

Lou: early 20’s, son of Sid and Debbie. Shy, hard-working and play-by the-rules. Lou is always prepared, but anxious about a secure future. He’s s spent a lifetime startled and embarrassed by his parents’ wild behavior and has tried to distance himself from them whenever possible. In his case the apple is not even in the same orchard as the tree. Lou finds his perfect match in Chelsea, but their passion gets the best of them and they wind up parents-to- be. Lead role

Chelsea: Early 20’s. Born and raised in a conservative family, Chelsea is determined, smart and wholesome. Her life was planned to a T by her parents and Lou entered to seal the deal. But when she winds up pregnant her judgmental family cuts her loose and forces Lou’s hand in finally introducing her to his parents.

Sid: 60’s, Lou’s dad. Gregarious, honest, devoted father, and still crazy about Debbie. An unconventional but successful artist. He’s never understood Lou, and wishes they were closer. He would do anything for his son.

Debbie: 60’s. A free spirit who is renowned for her multivolume writings on organic garden. A supportive mom, she never coddled Lou and encouraged him to be his own person, even when he strayed away from his parents’ taboo lifestyle. Her only wish for Lou has been for him to find a partner to love as much as she loves Sid.

Production Dates

Shooting in Philadelphia, in mid-August.

Meals, Transportation, a digital copy of the film will be provided.