Saturday Sept, 21st, 2019 between the hours of 3:30pm and 5:30pm
@ 104 S 20th st, Philadelphia, PA. 19103.

We are looking for the very best non-union talent in the city. Headshots and Resumes are preferred but not required. Come ready to show off your talents. Below is a short synopsis and a breakdown of each characters. If you’re interested any of the extra roles you do not have to attend this audition just email me and let me know and I’ll get back to you shortly.

“Rough Beginnings” is about the rise and fall of a fictional chart-topping r&b sibling group set in the late 90’s

Looking For:

Adult Jesse – African American (18-24) the eldest of the four brothers which he thinks makes him the self proclaimed “leader”. He is one of the most talented vocally out of the brothers. He has a certain charm about him that makes anyone who encounters him drawn to him.

Adult Jason – African American (18-24) The second eldest brother, who is also very talented vocally. He’s often considered “the bad boy” out the group because he’s very opinionated and competitive.

Adult Jamal – African American (18-21) The youngest of the four brothers, “Baby Boy” he’s very funny and always says the first thing that comes to his mind. He is very dependent on his older brothers.

Ms Dianne – African American (35-45) The religious, opinionated, and strong willed mother of the boys. She works two jobs to raise her four boys as a single parent.

Ms Mary – African American (28-40) The boys elementary school teacher

Maia – African American (18-22) Jesse’s Beautiful and very popular high school crush turned real-life girlfriend.

Young Jesse – African American (10-13) idea candidate would be Vocally gifted.

Young Jason – African American (10-12) Ideal candidate would be Vocally gifted.

Young Jalil – African American (9-11) ideal candidate would have somewhat of a vocal gift.

Young Jamal – African American (8-10) ideal candidate would be somewhat vocally gifted.

Big El – African American (24-30) A&R, who played a big part in the boys lives and often refers to them as his “little brothers”.

Nicole – African American (18-23) Around the way girl type, started out as a fan turned into Jason’s girlfriend.

Jonathon – African American (35-50) Estranged uncle to the boys.

Kenny – African American (30-42) Mentor big brother figure to the boys and Jalil’s Manger.

Entertainment Lawyer – Any Race (23-50)

Lady Interviewer – African American (21-32)

Katrina – African American (18-21)

Recording Engineer – African American (25-38)

EXTRAS!!! ANY RACE, (7-60)