Production title: UPSTAGED (Pitch Pilot)
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Genre: Comedy
Project length: 30 minutes
Production location: Philadelphia, PA (Chestnut Hill / Mt. Airy neighborhoods)
Production Company: Just a Skosh Productions LLC
Director: Cedric Gegel
Producers: Cedric Gegel, Angela Strauman, Lukas Fox
Compensation: None. Footage can be offered for reels. Credit will be given. Craft services provided.

***NOTE: This production will follow COVID guidelines. Masks must be worn at all times unless on camera. Social distancing will be enforced whenever and wherever possible. Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test will be required.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Please send a headshot, resume, and demo reel to with the subject line “UPSTAGED / [Your Name] / [Character(s) Name]”. In lieu of a demo reel, if you do not have one, please send a one minute monologue highlighting comedic skills. Feel free to also add a monologue if you do have a demo reel.
Note: tone of pilot is ridiculous deadpan, similar to Kim’s Convenience or Schitt’s Creek.

Friday, May 14 – Sunday, May 16

Synopsis: When two down-on-their-luck actors audition for a celebrated film producer Bernard Henry and his movie star wife, Maryellen Henry, they land the biggest – and hardest – roles of their lives: free rent in exchange for living with the Henrys’ infamously wild son.

Available Characters:

BERNARD HENRY [GENDER: male] [ETHNICITY: white, ethnically ambiguous] [AGE: 50-60] [supporting]
Gruff, grizzled, and ever running out of patience, the only thing Bernard hates more than wasting time is… well, nothing. He has long since given up trying to raise his son and has instead dedicated his time to his big-budget, studio-pleasing films, all while cooking some “artistic” secret projects on the side. He loves his wife, Maryellen, but has never understood her desire to be a people-pleaser. Shoots Sunday, 5/16, 2021

MARYELLEN HENRY [GENDER: female] [ETHNICITY: white, ethnically ambiguous] [AGE: 50-60] [supporting]
A flowing, charming woman with grace and effortless smiles for days. It’s all fake, of course, but she plays her part perfectly. A many-time award winning performer, her focus on her career over raising her son has not been lost on her, but still – there is only so much time in the day. Any chance to be in front of a crowd is a good time, in her mind. Shoots Sunday, 5/16, 2021

DARLEEN [GENDER: female] [ETHNICITY: any ethnicity] [AGE: 20-35] [supporting]
Coffee has been rendered useless on Darleen, the ever-exhausted, deeply sarcastic executive assistant to Maryellen and Bernard. She used to have dreams – she still does – but “paying her dues” as an executive assistant has crushed any dreams of an easy path in the film industry. She does her job mechanically, but proficiently, longing for the day that she will get to step up and out of the Henrys’ shadow. Shoots Sunday, 5/16, 2021

YOUNG ELSA [GENDER: female] [ETHNICITY: white] [AGE: 10-15] [day player]
Young, blonde, bright, dreaming. A young celebrity with an internationally beloved commercial under her belt, Young Elsa dreams of landing a major role in an upcoming drama film that is aiming to win an Academy Award. This audition is her big break – until everything goes wrong. Must resemble actress already cast as Elsa – looking for young teens with blonde hair. Shoots Saturday, 5/15, 2021

YOUNG LIAM [GENDER: male] [ETHNICITY: white, ethnically ambiguous] [AGE: 10-15] [day player]
Unruly beyond belief. This kid has never been told “no” once in his life, and living in the home of two of the most famous people in the entertainment industry has let his imagination run wild. He is the keeper – and definition – of chaos. Must resemble actor already cast as Liam – looking for young teens with dirty blonde or brown hair. Shoots Saturday, 5/15, 2021

OFFICER 1 [GENDER: any] [ETHNICITY: any ethnicity] [AGE: 30-60] [day player]
A police officer who takes themselves a bit too seriously. Preferably muscular, and major preference given to actors with police officer uniforms. Shoots Saturday, 5/15, 2021

OFFICER 2 [GENDER: any] [ETHNICITY: any ethnicity] [AGE: 30-60] [day player]
A police officer that does *not* take themselves too seriously. Just here to punch the clock. Major preference given to actors with police officer uniforms. Shoots Saturday, 5/15, 2021

AUDITIONERS [GENDER: any] [ETHNICITY: any ethnicity] [AGE: 20-40] [day player / featured background]
Casting various roles, some with lines, most without (all auditioners will take part in “group” lines. Seeking for a variety of “looks.” Shoots Sunday, 5/16, 2021

*all actors are guaranteed time on camera