Wandering Studios is producing a comedic short film called “CAThmatics”. It is a film about a journalist who must swallow her pride and cover a story about a cat that can solve math problems. With her incompetent crew, a creepy cat owner, and a lethargic cat, will Marissa be able to avoid a total CATastrophe, or will she discover the true secret behind the house?
The following roles are being cast for this film:

MARISSA (18-20, Female): Marissa is a journalist stuck at a job that she hates. She is quick witted and knows what she’s worth. The only thing she hates more than her job is her crew. She is constantly in the midst of verbal warfare with her crew.

ALEX (18-20, Male): Alex is the sound recorder on Marissa’s crew. He doesn’t take his job seriously and puts in the minimalist amount of effort on set. He annoys everyone on the crew but constantly gets dunked on.

DOMINIQUE (18-20, Female): Dominique is the lighting technician in Marissa’s crew and she tries her best to remain cool and collected during most situations. She is often ignored by her crew because she refuses to go along with their childish antics.

JOHN (18-20, Male): John is the camera operator. He is very self-centered and does not bother to help the crew, but his big personality is a cover for his insecurities. He likes to antagonize and argue with Marissa.

RICHARD GATO (30s, Male): Richard is obsessed with cats and is the proud owner of Charles the wonder cat. He’s as charming as a wet paper bag and he’s a social recluse. He doesn’t know how to interact with humans, but he has a special connection with cats.

Auditions are being held from 12-3 on Saturday October 12 in room 220 of the Temple University student center, or from 1-5 on October 13 in room 217A of the Temple University Student Center.
Video auditions are also acceptable. Contact anyapopko14@gmail.com for more information regarding video auditions.