HANK: A small-town bartender leaves her toxic boyfriend to embark on a life-changing journey with her best friend Misty and her dog Hank. Narrative.

FRANKIE: While grieving her recently deceased brother and contemplating her own suicide, a distant Frankie offers a surreal – and at times manic – glimpse into here psyche and her existential meanderings. Narrative.

BE THERE BY EIGHT: In a world of skating and gang violence, a group of high school students find themselves selling drugs in order to track down their missing friend. Narrative.

PARTY WE COULD’VE HAD: A bewildered newcomer to city life gets lost in the underground party culture on an excursion to find himself. NOTE: People of all gender identities are encouraged to audition for this project! Narrative.


Lead Roles:
⬜ AMY: Female, 21-28, brave and witty, yet complacent and dependent in her toxic relationship with Bo.
⬜ Misty: Female, 21-28, confident, protective, feisty, humorous. Amy’s best friend.
Supporting Roles:
⬜ BO: Male, 18-28, disheveled, hostile, deadbeat. Amy’s boyfriend.
⬜ KEITH: Male, 21-40, unreliable, high maintenance, dopey, flirtatious. A drunk.
Casting note: We are also looking to cast a dog who is friendly with people for a few scenes (“Hank”).

Lead Roles:
⬜ FRANKIE: Female, 18-22, contemplative, distant, dark sense of humor, close bond with brother Danny
⬜ DANNY: Male, 18-22, humorous, loving older brother of Frankie, memory/spirit or entity.
⬜ CONOR: Male, 18-22, ambiguous, closed off, quirky, slightly mysterious.
Supporting Roles:
⬜ UNCLE PAT: Male, 40-45, kinda creepy, cheesy, thinks he’s funny.
⬜ MARIAH: Female, 30-40, encouraging, compassionate, slightly moree awaree of Frankie’s headspace than rest of family
⬜ LISA: Female, 40-50, caring, grieving, somewhat oblivious. Frankie’s mother.
⬜ DENNIS: Male, 40-50, dutiful dad, mourning. Frankie’s father.

Lead Roles:
⬜ OLIVE: Female, 18-22, independent, loyal, trustworthy, headstrong, disobedient
⬜ SIMONE: Female, 18-22, naturally reserved, a follower, but very fashionable
⬜ BRETT: Any gender, 18-22, smart, anxious about college, dating Zak, goes “missing.”
⬜ ZAK: Male, 18-22, smug, confident, dating Brett.
⬜ AMIN/“MEEN”: Male, 18-22, the outcast/clown of the group, fighting for Olive’s heart after ruining his first chance.
⬜ LEE: Male, 18-22, cocky, leader of the Shoto gang.
Supporting Roles:
⬜ ISABELLA: 18-22, store manager, irritable.
⬜ PARENT: 40’s-50’s, overbearing, strict.
⬜ NATE: Mid 20’s-30’s, reckless, wealthy, well-dressed, charismatic, flamboyant.
⬜ MARVIN: 40’s-60’s, bright, joyful gentleman, building doorman.
⬜ AUSTIN: 18-22, Shoto gang member, creepy but smooth with women.
⬜ LEE’S POSSE: 18-22, Members of the Shoto gang, young group of dirtbags.

Casting note: People of all gender identities are encouraged to audition for this production!
Lead Roles:
⬜ KAI: Male identifying, 20-24, hesitant, unsure of himself, wide eyed.
⬜ MARS: Female identifying, 20-24, spunky, confident, encouraging, Kai’s best friend
⬜ PARIS: Male identifying, 20-24, care-free attitude, fun, spontaneous
⬜ ZED: Female identifying, 20-24, reassuring, positive attitude, down to earth, Kai’s love interest
Supporting Roles:
⬜ BARTENDER: Any gender, uninterested, sarcastic but helpful
⬜ DAN: Any gender, unimpressed, pretentious attitude, annoyed, insensitive, sarcastic
⬜ SHERELLE: Any gender, preoccupied, painfully bored, blunt but understanding, protective
⬜ UBER DRIVER: Any gender, 30+, wise, punk/alternative, helpful, down for the cause
⬜ SOPHIE: Any gender, curious, positive attitude, ditzy, childlike enthusiasm
⬜ RAVERS: Any gender, dressed alternatively/punk, interesting hair/piercings/accessories, dancers
⬜ RIOTERS: Any gender, dressed alternatively/punk, interesting hair/piercings/accessories encouraged
⬜ LOFT PARTY GOERS: Any gender, dressed modern/upscale conservative, prim and proper