Temple University’s Media Studies and Production course 4701/5701: Producing and Directing is hosting a CASTING CALL.
Dates: Monday, 9/16 and Wednesday, 9/18
Time: 2-3:30pm
Location: Annenberg Hall Studio 1. 2020 North 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122
Note: When you arrive at Annenberg Hall, look for signs directing you to our Actor Sign-In Table
Contact: Direct questions and inquiries to Prof. Laura Zaylea,
We are casting for three 20-25 minute projects, two narratives (That’s My Girl, Figures) and one pilot episode (In A Word).

A Latina woman overcomes issues of an abusive relationship and gender discrimination in her male-dominated law firm. Narrative.
When sinister figures appear in the lives of two young men, they must fight within themselves to stay true to who they really are. Narrative.
After years of feeling certain about her sexual identity, Lydia meets a new friend who prompts her to confront the degree to which her identity is wrapped up in labels and her past relationship. Pilot.

We are casting for these roles:

That’s My Girl:
Lead Roles:
AELLA RAMIREZ: Female, 25-28, Latina, lawyer, strong-willed, driven, caring, hopeful
LAUREN O’LEARY: Female, Caucasian, 25-28, supportive, single mother, loyal, life-long friend to Aella
EDDIE WILSON: Male, 26-30, Caucasian, inferiority complex, unemployed, abusive, Aella’s boyfriend
Supporting Roles:
CICI RAMIREZ: Female, 40-50, Latina, Spanish accent, cheerful, empowering, warm, Aella’s mom
SEAN DEWEY: Male, early 60’s, Caucasian, lawyer, chauvinistic, Aella’s boss
JAMES: Male, early 30’s, African American, new lawyer, humble, supportive of Aella
ALEC: Male, early 30’s, Caucasian, lawyer, misogynistic, arrogant
BEN: Male, late 20’s, Caucasian, lawyer, condescending, misogynistic, talkative
CLAIRE: Female, middle-aged, Caucasian, ignorant, office assistant of law firm

Lead Roles:
TYLER WILLIAMS: Male, 18-22, African-American, gritty, misunderstood, guarded.
ALBERTO “BETO” GARCIA: Male, 18-22, Latinx, must be fluent in Spanish and English, passive, artistic, jaded, untrusting, stoic.
Supporting Roles:
LEROY WILLIAMS: Male, 40-45, African-American, stern, drunk, mean, neglectful, controlling.
LOURDES GARCIA: Female, 38-42, Latinx, must be fluent in Spanish and English, angry, untrusting, judgmental, outspoken.
TYLER FIGURE: Male, 18-22, African-American, masked figure, ill-intentioned, body double (non-speaking).
BETO FIGURE: Male, 18-22, Latinx, masked figure, ill-intentioned, body double (non-speaking).
CASHIER: Male, 40-50, suspicious, aggressive.
FIVE EXTRAS: any background or ethnicity; must be able to subtly portray emotions of fear, disgust and annoyance.

In A Word
Producer’s note: This story aims to represent the complexity of identity. People of all ethnicities and identities are invited to audition.
Lead Roles:
LYDIA: Female, 18-22 years, lesbian/questioning, reserved, creative. Lydia’s breakup with the first/only girl she ever loved sparks an exploration of her self/sexuality.
JAY: Male, 19-22 years, socially awkward, particular, independent. New in Lydias life, their blossoming friendship prompts a change in how she understands her sexuality.
Supporting Roles:
EMMA: Female, 18-22 years, strong personality, opinionated, sure of herself. Life long friend of Lydia’s who feels resistant towards Lydia’s new-found exploration of self.
CATE: Female, 18-22 years, frontward facing personality, image conscious. Lydia’s ex-girlfriend who wasn’t totally accepting of her.
FIVE EXTRAS: any background or ethnicity; between the ages of 18-30 years.

Cold reads only. No advanced sides.

MSP 4701/5701: Producing and Directing is an advanced-level production course at Temple University in which we produce narrative shorts and television pilots. For more information, please contact our course professor:

Prof. Laura Zaylea

Department of Media Studies and Production
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