An amateur but skilled detective struggles to accommodate his girlfriend’s attempt to restore a broken family while simultaneously uncovering a somewhat traumatizing case.


Detective Cane – Male, Any ethnicity, Late 20s-Early 30s, amateur but skilled detective. Extremely observant, rarely turns off his detective side. Grew up in a bad neighborhood and comes from an angry home. Finds the concept of a family as another form of imprisonment.

Detective Fritz – Male, Any ethnicity, Mid 50s, Seasoned detective, Cane’s detective partner. Family man, weirdly optimistic about life. Gruff but slightly stout in stature.

Biff – Male, Any ethnicity, Late 40s-Early 50s, Ally’s father, military veteran and a factory worker before getting laid off. Tall and intimidating, impressive in stature. Believes that all anyone can do is survive.

Ally – Female, Any ethnicity, Late 20s-Early 30s, Cane’s girlfriend, marriage lawyer. Mother died from cancer and she has a broken relationship with her father yet somehow is still more optimistic about family than Cane.

Russ – Male, any ethnicity, late 40s-early 50s, ex co-worker to Biff, also got laid off. Timid, but willing to do whatever is necessary to provide for his family.