We are casting for our independent film “Call Time. You must email your headshot, resume, a reel and/or good quality video with a monologue. Submissions must be submitted to calltimethemovie@gmail.com by May 22, 2020. This is a Non-Union project.

Also include the following information in the body of the email:

• Full Name
• Role Applying For
• Age
• Email Address
• Cell Phone #

The roles are as follows:

• Lia Lopez, Hispanic Female, Purple Hair, Septum (bull nose ring), 20-25 years old
• Younger Martha Bischer, Caucasian Female, Actress, 20-25 years old
• Derek Chambers, African American Male, Pretty Boy, Athletic Build, 20-25 years old
• Niko, Caucasian Male, Long Blonde Hair, Muscular Build. 20-25 years old
• Sean Bischer, Caucasian Male, Conspirator, 35-45 years old
• Abigail Easton, Caucasian Female, Modest Attire, 24 years old
• Reporter, Male/Female, Any Ethnicity, 25 years old or older
• Camera Man, Male, Any Ethnicity, 25 years old or older
• Philip, Caucasian Male, Actor, 25-35 years old
• Sandra, Caucasian, Female, Ethan’s Ex Wife, 30-35 years old
• Sam, Any Ethnicity, Chubby Build, Glasses, 25-35 years old
• Ally, Bi Racial Female, Ethan’s Daughter, 7-10 years old
• Jenny Granger, Female, Any Ethnicity, Film Producer, 30-40 years old
• Martha Bischer, Caucasian Elderly Woman, 65-75 years old
• Ehtan Shaw, African American Male, Director 30-35 years old