“An Unfortunate Situation”
Short film, Non-Union
A husband strays with a prostitute and gets caught in a local motel by his wife.

Marriage is hard enough and only grows more challenging when infidelity is thrown into the mix. Carl makes an uncharacteristic move and risks everything to rendezvous with a prostitute. He doesn’t plan for his wife to not only discover his indiscretion but catch him red-handed. Can their marriage survive this betrayal?

Carl – Early 40s. Cautious, weary and jaded. Often afraid to act on what he’s actually thinking, he’s a man of few words, many thoughts, and a broken will. Loves his wife of 20 years and would not be able to explain his actions.

Ruth -Early 40s. Smart, overworked, and shocked to find herself in this position. Faithful, she assumed the same of her husband. She’s trying to hold everything together; herself, her feelings and her marriage.

Donna (Prostitute) 30’s. Self-sufficient, pragmatic and street- smart. She knows how to target the right men to minimize her involvement and get what she wants.

Shooting in the Greater Philadelphia Area
Dates: July 27-30th
Meals, Transportation, and a digital copy of the film will be provided.

Please send a resume and a headshot to