Casting call for a Filmed Stage Play – Review Cast listing below and please send headshot and resume to

Paige Nelson- B/F 8 yrs. old- 3rd Grader – single parent household, mother is unemployed. She sees her mother getting beat often. Hit by car (DUI) and killed after running out into the street while her mother gets beat by boyfriend. North Philly

Wendy Mitchell-Smyth B/F- 31 yrs. old- newlywed- been with husband for 10 yrs. Met in college in Atlanta.- relocated back to Philly (husband’s hometown)- Plain Jane she starts to come into her own after hooking up with girls at work.- Husband is a partner in largest Black Law firm in Philly- she is a manager at the MAC store in KOP. Has a heart attack. Philadelphia

Kathy Jenkins B/F- 60 yr. old widow (husband died 8 yrs. ago)- son 30 pharmaceutical rep for Pfizer he lives in Harrisburg- Active in church- Very strong, faithful, God fearing women. Beat breast cancer once and it has come back more aggressively – Pittsburgh, PA

Tyrone Buie B/M– 29 yr. old, married, 2 kids ‘TJ’ 9 and Kasi 1 1/2 , wife Quanda, married for 9 yrs., both college grads (LSU) originally from NOLA now living in Atlanta. (Lithonia)- Police Officer in APD- wife is Salon owner. Dies at the hands of his love after trying to break off the relationship. Having affair with corporate exec. (computer firm) 50 yr. old B/M. Atlanta

Quadir Jackson B/F aka ‘Q’- 18 yr. old- raised by single mother in the church, from 24th & Cumberland- HS sweetheart Terri, star quarterback for Dobbins HS (Senior) – full-athletic/academic Scholarship to Florida State University- day of graduation goes to party with friends and is shot to death while walking to a party- Philadelphia

Angel –B/M 30-50 yr. old male- who is a mystical, humorous character who shows up in every scene in the first act as a different person. During the second act Angel reveals self and guides each character through their self-revelation.

Terri (Quadir’s Girlfriend) 18 B/F
Bruce (Mercedes Boyfriend) – 25-35 W/M
Gary (Tyrone’s lover) – Mid 40’s B/M
David (Nelson’s Co-worker) 30-35 B/M
2 Boys (Charlie’s Neighbors) 12-13
Keith (Wendy’s Husband) – B/M early 30’s