“Reel Life” is a dramedy TV Pilot pitch that sheds a light on the lives and struggles of a group of starving artists. Packed with humor and heartbreak, Reel Life is a paradise and satirical mirror for any creative person with a dream.

Logan Duquesne – Male Lead
Mid 20s. Loveably Naïve, yet ambitious filmmaker, incredibly passive and timid, except when it comes to his dreams. Cares deeply about his friends and wishes to get out of the monotony of regular life. A creative with no outlet at his dead end job. He’s a natural optimist even when faced with insurmountable odds, but is still human and can get upset, scared, and down trotted when things don’t live up to expectations.

Piper Donahue – Female Lead
Mid 20s. Fiercely loyal friend and somebody you would want by your side when things get difficult, which make her an excellent Assistant Director. Detail-oriented and neurotic yet warm and nurturing. Optimistic about the things she and her friends have accomplished, but fearful and hesitant about changes. Logan’s second-in-command and longtime filmmaking partner. Despite her seemingly fragile exterior, Piper can bolster more strength than any of the group when her friends are in turmoil.

James Galloway – Male Lead
Mid 20s. The voice of reason in the group, calculating and logical, with an eye for creativity but not as much the drive despite being the cinematographer. Soft-spoken, but very impactful. He is so diplomatic that he can spend too much time thinking logically to the point that the time for action has passed. Not-so-secretly has loved Piper since high school. The only thing he cannot out-think is his feelings for Piper.

Greg Goldspiel – Male Lead
Mid 20s. A grinning chaos deity whose sole purpose is to make his friends laugh, especially during hard times. Disorganized and unreliable unless it involves his friends to the point he cannot hold down a job but he can hold up a boom pole. He has yet to encounter an issue he cannot laugh his way out of. Purposefully provocative, he used humor as a defense mechanism to prevent people from getting close to him, that’s why he is such a mystery.

Rob Stone – Male Lead
Late 20s. Everything you hate about people who consider themselves artists. Arrogant, pretentious, condescending, self-centered, dismissive, and dangerously ignorant. His massive shortcomings are the source of powerful comedy. Rob owns his own production company that he doesn’t realize he’s driving into the ground.

Jared Bennett – Male Supporting
Mid 20s. A smooth, good-looking guy, aloof, lady’s man, outgoing, and the leading man of the group’s production. Despite being the star of the group’s production, the most important thing to Jared is his friends.

Tim Winslow – Male Supporting
Middle Aged. Owns a comic shop where Logan works. Blue collar and doesn’t give a shit.

Please send in headshot, resume, and demo reel (if applicable) to OmegaMediaProductions@gmail.com