Audition scenes: page 4-8
Place: Temple University Student Centre Room 220 on 12/10/19 from 12pm-4pm and on 13/10/2019 from 1pm-5pm in 217A

Atmosphere description: This is a world where the lines between normal and abnormal are non existent. Sorcery and myths run parallel to everyday life. But now you are attacked by a situation that surpasses even your expectation of weird and it has you scrambling for solutions.

Characters Involved and Descriptions

Gender: Female
Age: Early 20’s
Mood: She has just gotten word that her girlfriend has gone missing. She is frantic and quickly becoming desperate for any news on her missing girlfriend.

Gender: Male
Age: Early 20’s
Mood: He is calm while trying to be hopeful but that doesn’t mean he isn’t scared. But as time goes on, his hopefulness wears down leaving only fear.

Gender: Male
Age: Early 20’s
Mood: He is Casey’s friend. He is also calm but still shares the same fear which increases as time wears on.

Note: Video Auditions are acceptable. They should be sent to