We are casting the following roles for an independent short film entitled “Bottle of Red”. This film is a psychological thriller about a woman whose best friend died and is now being haunted by her ghost.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, April 13th from 9am to Noon. Sides will be provided prior to the audition. Our tentative shooting dates are May 18th and 19th.

We are casting for the lead role of Monique and her best friend Josie/Karen.

Monique – Age Range 27-30

Monique suffers from severe clinical depression, anxiety, and alcoholism. She has abandonment issues starting in her childhood and is under the care of a prodigious psychiatrist. After the death of her best friend Josie she is isolated and disconnected from life.

Josie/Karen – Age Range 27-30 – Dual Role

Josie is vivacious, caring, loving, and a devoted friend. She met Monique in their early 20s and has been instrumental in helping Monique remain connected to the world around her.

Karen is a “ghost” of Josie who is self serving, greedy, and malicious.

Both Non-Union and SAG actors are welcome to audition. Pay is not guaranteed; however depending on the budget we may make deferred payments of $125 per day. You will receive a copy, credit, and great food.

Please send an email to bgray@diamondep.com with “Bottle of Red” and the role you want to audition for as your subject. Please attach your headshot, resume, and any links to reels/previous work.