Big Three
Project Summary: Big Three is a short fiction film set in the early 1960s that features a day in the life and behind the scenes operations of a budding Philly soul label called Big Three Records. The 15 year old protagonist RONNY, a shy aspiring musician with a speech impediment, spends the day with fellow teens as part of a focus group organized by the label to offer feedback on the latest musical talent. Ronny initially struggles to express himself in the focus group despite being impressed by the artists in front of him. When prompted to speak, he stays silent for fear of embarrassment. Hoping to find a sense of belonging in this innovative world of music, he is spotted secretly playing guitar during a lunch break, impressing one of the older musicians who urges Ronny to write songs and come back and play the next day. Inspired by a feeling of acceptance, Ronny begins to open up more in the focus group, revealing his insight and demonstrating a deep connection to music. In accepting the opportunity to play at Big Three, Ronny discovers that he not only belongs in this world, but also that his unique voice can help shape it.

Lead Characters
** – Vocals required
Ronny* (Male, Black, Age 15)
Description: The protagonist – a shy but gifted musician with a stutter still in the process of discovering his voice.

Suzy (Female, Black, Age 16)
Description: A preacher’s daughter raised in the gospel tradition, Suzy is a rule follower and a bit of a goody two-shoes who keeps everyone in check.

Marian (Female, Black, Age 17)
Description: Marian is a fiery, young bass player who has a very critical approach to music. She has a little “around the way” edge to her and is unafraid to stand up for herself or for others.

STU (Male, Black, Age 16)
Description: Stu is the nerdy class clown. He’s quick-witted and always the first to crack a joke before he himself becomes the bud of the joke.

Roger** (Male, Black, 21)
Description: The lead vocalist and founding member of the Super Boys, Roger is a bona fide frontman who has “it.”

Saaneah** (Female, Black, Mid-twenties)
Description: A soulful songstress with a bit more experience than the rest of the artists on the label. She’s graceful and wise beyond her years. She has a commanding presence and a divine voice.

Norm Hill (Male, Black, Mid-twenties)
Description: He’s a stickler and a perfectionist. Methodical, keeps everyone in line and always scouting the next opportunity. As the junior label manager who oversees recruiting and promoting new talent, Norm bears the weight of staying relevant.

Al Jones (Male, Black, Mid-twenties)
Description: A musical poet and activist who has elements of Fred Hampton and Gil Scott-Heron. His character is a precursor to the Last Poets and is certainly an outsider in the world of popular soul music.

Sharpe (Male, Black, Early twenties)
Description: A cool, laid back yet immensely skilled studio musician who specializes in strings and orchestral arrangements. Sort of a model for what Ronny could become.

Supporting Characters
** – Vocals required
Starlettes (3)** (Female, Black, late teens to early twenties)
Description: A female music group reminiscent of the Supremes.
Beautiful and hard-working with golden harmonies.

Super Boys (3)**(Male, Black, late teens to early twenties)
Description: Stylish young men who can sing and dance. They’re like the Temptations who haven’t made it yet. Destined to be stars. They form the vocal quartet the Super Boys as the backing vocalists behind Roger Freeman.

Little Billy Weeks (Male, Black, age 9)
Description: The local musical prodigy who makes a brief yet dapper appearance. He has the talent and charisma of a young MJ or Stevie Wonder.

Simon James (Male, Black, mid twenties)
Description: A steely producer and arranger who works with the Starlettes and the Super Boys. He’s a perfectionist who will stay up all night to finish a record.

Production Details
Rehearsal Availability Requirement: Duration of March (two to three
rehearsals) Filming: Early April
**Specific dates to come**
Experience: Preferred but not required Actors will be paid
Please send a headshot, full body photo, height, any clips or written documentation of experience (acting and/or singing) and the role you wish to audition for no later than January 31, 2022. If selected, you will be sent script sides to self tape an audition.
Final in- person callbacks will take place in the first half of February.
Email: (Subject line: Big Three Casting Call – First & Last Name)