PREMISE: A woman sits inside an empty interrogation room opposite a doctor. All she knows is one thing: the doctor isn’t real.


SANJANA: South Asian, female, 30s. Sanjana has been interrogated multiple times before. She knows how the conversation goes. She knows what they’ll ask. She just wants to get the questions over with so she can leave the room. Life in the interrogation room is very repetitive for Sanjana.

MADELINE: female, 30s. Madeline is a patient and calm but no-nonsense doctor. Her goal is to help “cure” her patients of their mental ailments. If that means letting them take charge of the conversation, she’ll do that. But if it means putting her foot down, she’ll happily do that too.

Lunch/coffee will be provided. Rehearsal and principal photography will take place 12/7-12/8. Location is TBD But will be in the Philadelphia area.

If interested, please email with your resume, headshot, and a link to your demo reel/any projects you have been a part of.