Hello out there Philly Philm characters, currently setting up a comedy based on the Door to Door salesperson and some ridiculous situations they and the homeowners themselves go through. This will be a 3 part short series involving comical interactions with a team of 4 door to door salespeople and not to mention a showdown against an opposing company who doesn’t take kindly to other sales people in their neighborhood.

This project will be submitted into multiple film festivals and is a great opportunity for those looking to up their Reel.
Character descriptions below:

Door to Door salespeople:
Thad – Leader type of the four, Thinks very highly of himself, Very smug
Reggie – Pushy, loud, gets into arguments quickly
Alistair – Nervous, new to the job, not confident at all

Homeowner 1 – Nervous, Gives in easily to Thad
Homeowner 2 – Confused at what is going on, Argues with Reggie at the door
Homeowner 3 – Doesn’t want to be a pushover, Feels confident to say “no” until they see Kevin who’s big and threatening
Homeowner 4 – Only seen as a silhouette, tells Alistair what to do as he panics at the door. Later found out to be the leader of the opposing company.

Older man with coffee/Wearing robe in the morning
Woman watering flowers
Family members – Two children playing, Mother who grabs them and takes them inside, Father who tells them to get inside.