I am currently seeking actors for an untitled Sci-Fi short (Rated R, 5-10min runtime) that revolves around a young culinary arts graduate, who after the death of her fiance’, finds companionship in a mysterious visitor from another planet. Production will take place in Center City Philadelphia on July 24th and 25th. All actors (except for the alien visitor) will be responsible for their own hair, make up, and wardrobe. Compensation includes name credit, reel footage and meals on set. Safe distancing will be practiced unless close contact is absolutely necessary!

*All actors must have a Film Reel with dialogue, or a RECORDED MONOLOGUE for consideration as there will be no auditions.

Available roles include:

Samantha Morrison (21-30 Female/Lead) – A shy young culinary arts graduate who aspires to be a restaurateur.

Olivia Morrison (35-50 Female/Supporting) – Samantha’s Mother. (This role only requires a voice over for telephone conversations and voicemails, along with one photo taken with Samantha on set.

Dr. Lewis or Louise Bishop (35-50/Supporting) – A highly respected Biologist.

Vince Douglas (21-30 Male/Supporting) – A Psychiatrist and long time friend of the family.

Mysterious Visitor From Another Planet (18-30 Female/Lead) – This role requires the actor to be flexible, and to wear a tight bodysuit with face paint and/or a light mask. A dance, gymnastics, contortion or cosplay background is a huge plus! You may wear your own bodysuit or one will be purchased for and given to you ahead of time so that you may wash it.

If interested, please send your Headshot, Resume, and Film Reel (or Recorded Monologue) to kldmichael1@gmail.com for consideration.
*Additional info will only be provided to selected applicants.