(Black) Girls follows supernaturally gifted twin sisters, Ava and Ayana. Ava can alter and erase mind memory. Ayanna can manipulate emotions. Two dangerous combinations. Bonded by blood and friendship, their sisterhood is tested when an unforeseen conflict causes them to face personal truths they try so desperately to outrun. The end result will either make or break them.

Real control, is letting go.

Characters Needed:

Ava Harris
Ava (21) has the ability to manipulate mind memory. Given her gift, Ava is infatuated with the idea of ‘moments’. She deeply understands the significance of moments and their impact. So much of how we think about ourselves and life is connected to our memories or more importantly what we remember. Ava has the charisma of a promising politician with natural leadership skills. Her style is bold but not doing too much. When it comes to problem solving Ava is blunt. Her heart is always in the right place but her methods can be slightly questionable.

Ayanna Harris
Ayanna (21) has the ability to manipulate emotions; she can tap into how people are feeling and make them feel what she desires. As a result, Ayanna has developed a keen understanding of people and relationships but has a hard time applying that knowledge to her own relationships. Ayanna is charming, quiet but not a pushover. Out of her friend group, she is definitely the most friendly. Having such a influential gift does make Ayanna very powerful but she often forgets about managing her own emotions, shrinking herself to make others feel comfortable.

Toya Harris
Ivy league educated Toya (34) is Ava and Ayanna older sister. In her life she is the one people turn to for guidance when they’re backed into a corner.Even though she does not have abilities like her younger sisters, she is able to identify and understand the trials of young adulthood. She has a deep appreciation for her magical community and is very respected by those in it. Toya also has a close relationship with her daughter Nia. She will protect her family no matter what but Toya understands that life is sometimes the best teacher.

Nia Harris
Nia (9) is sweet and shy. Unaware of the long lineage of powerful women she comes from, Nia has always sensed there was something special about her family. Nia wants what most nine year olds do, to have fun with their friends. Being self-aware at such a young age causes Nia to doubt herself and the world but she’ll discover that the hero she’s looking for is within.

Brianna (23) is the mother of the friend group, very nurturing. Brianna has the ability to create force fields which are used mostly to protect their supernatural community from being influenced by negative entities. She has strong convictions but is always willing to hear others perspective. Brianna’s family is big on hospitality so her home is their safe space. The definition of a true friend, Brianna is quick to offer support for the Harris twins without prying.

Maya (22) is organized and focused, her work ethic matches her career ambitions. She is subject to self-doubt like everyone else but never lets that get in her way. Maya has the ability to move objects which is fitting since her personality is also very ‘showy’. She can come off as arrogant to those who do not know her but deep down she’s just proud of how far she’s come. In like manner with her friends, family and community are foundational.