looking for talented actors of different ages to participate in a small, 12 day shoot for a feature film titled Sagacity.

If interested, please call me, Chris Marabella on my cell 215-531-2396

A young man’s vandalism leads him to the unlikely person that can
save him by forging a true friendship that will last a lifetime.

Character breakdown

Ben- 17, hothead teenager

Dean -18, has a bit of a temper,

JACK, 43, a straight up, honest man,

Chief Ryan-honest police chief


HARVEY, 40, A simple minded man who talks and acts in a child-
like manner,

MARION, 39, Ben’s mother, lays in bed. Her night stand strewn
with various vials of medication, lids, and pills. She is a
physical and mental wreck since the death of her younger son


ALLIE a worker, was Ben’s girl

ROSEMARIE, 70, a model grandmother,

DR. FRANK mid 50’s, eccentric., Jacks Psychiatrist

Mark- Jack’s hillbilly
chatty cousin,