Casting Call
“At All Cost” Short Film – Non-Union
Logline: A protective father challenges his daughter’s boyfriend to the most dangerous of tests to prove himself worthy of her and of the drug cartel.

Amalia – 18 year old Mexican female, a public health student whose father is secretly the head of a cartel. She is worried about bringing her boyfriend, Jagger, to meet her family. Empathetic. Family person

Jagger – 18 year old White male, Amalia’s boyfriend, always wants to make a good impression. He had an upper class upbringing and was raised by two neoliberal attorneys. Timid, a goody two shoes, and liberal.

Rafael – 54 year old Mexican male, Amalia’s father, he is strong willed, traditional and stoic.

Leonardo – 19 year old Mexican male, apart of Rafael’s cartel. He looks up to Rafael and is afraid Jagger will take his place as Rafael’s son figure. Loyal and protective.

Tito – 50 year old Mexican male, Rafael’s right hand man, stoic and hard to read. He is loyal to Rafael.

Paloma – 23 year old Mexican female. She is married and pregnant. She is Amalia’s cousin and they are really close. Happy and very positive.

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We will send you an audition side and a brief character bio for you to prepare.

Audition Date: Saturday, January 26th
Time: 1-5 p.m
Location: Temple University, Annenberg Hall
Shooting Dates: Mid-March (Tentative)
Shooting Location: Greater Philadelphia Area
Compensation: Credit, Transportation, Food