“ICONIC” is a music video about Malcolm grinding his music career.
Along the way he has a meeting with the devil and he tries to present
him with things that can distract him and lead him down the wrong
path essentially offering the quick rap career success. He decides to
keep grinding and take the long road.

[LABEL EXECUTIVE/DEVIL] [MALE] [AGE: Late 20’s – Early 40’s]
Label Executive is an arrogant, evil con-man, who’s just out to
finesse Malcolm into a deal where he can make money off of him while
Malcolm does all the work.
[BODYGUARD] [MALE] [AGE: Late 20’s – Late 30’s]
Intimidating man who protects the label executive.
[MODEL] [FEMALE] [AGE: 20’s – Early 30’s]
Model, Eye-Candy, looks like a trophy, presented as an award for