Logline: A young gay man must balance being a single father and bread winner of his family, while secretly scheming to reclaim his drug empire from his DL ex-lover.

Set in the backdrop of Atlantic City NJ BOSS is a crime drama written along the lines of “POWER” and “CLAWS”. Zae, a 27 years old gay street pimp works hard trying to provide a decent life for his adopted son King and his brother Prince and G. When Tragdey befalls the Zae and his family, Zae must go to the last person he ever expected to ask for help; King’s biological father and drug lord Jymir. But when Jymir denies Zae’s pleas for help it sets Zae down a path of violence, vengeance, and cash. BOSS ultimately asks the question, “How far would you go to give your family a better life?”

BOSS will be filmed in Atlantic City and we are looking for Actors of all ages and genders as we as gay actors and trans actors. Please see character list below. This is a volunteer project. There will be 2 rounds of audtions. Round one will be online. Please send an audition clip or reel of your acting talent to our email attached to this ad. If we like your talent we will give you a call back and ask that you come in on Saturday April 6th for an in person audtion in Center City Philadelphia. Good Luck To All.

Zae (27) African American feminine gay man. Fesity, but loving. Tomboy

Jymir (30) African American DL Bisexual. Cunning and swave, but voilent and aggressive.

G (25) African American. Recently released ex con trying to stay straight and gain custody of daugher.

Prince (18) African American Athletic college freshmen. A young tyrant as his name suggests. Cute, but sneaky.

Isabella (19) African American. Young, but not dumb. She is from the hood, but wants to be a debutant princess.

Becky (26) Caucasin. Blonde hair. She is street, but has desires to be a house wife and mother.

Erica ( 19) Hispanic trans woman. She is very beautiful and passes unknowly as biological woman. She begins bubble headed but ends changed and ruthless.

Buffy (44) African American woman. Irresponsible, plotting. Walking around with an inner hurt and guilt. She is a mother.

Julliana (34) Hispanic woman. She is a boss, rich, elgent, but feels robbed by the men around her.

David (29) Caucasin male. Young Clint Eastwood type. A man above and below the law.

Tasha (26) African American woman. Tired eye mom who is trying to move on with her life.

Crow (30) Hispanic man. He is a savage and a leader, but in secret falls for Erica.

King (15) African American kid. Basketball player type.

Extras All Ages and Typesae (27) African American