A new film, “Stand By Me,” shooting in the Philadelphia area, is looking for actors and crew!

Stand by Me is an explosive urban drama that involves the resurrection of a cold homicide case from North Philly. An unsolved criminal investigation that has stopped being actively pursued because of lack of evidence. Once a case is deemed “cold,” hope diminishes. This film examines family, relationships, and life on the streets, and involves characters who are tangled in a web of lies, deceit, love, and revenge. The audience not only witnesses the senseless violence that has blighted the streets of Philly forever, but also the humanity, forgiveness, and compassion that can still reside amongst all of the darkness.

We are casting for featured roles – no acting background necessary.

These are paid positions with unlimited opportunities for growth and success!

(1) Brother X (20s) – Lead – Black male, no facial hair, strong and nice build, recently released from prison.

(2) Spade (late teens – early 20s)  Lead – Black male, in college, younger than Brother X.

(3) Driver – Male

(4) Derek (20s-30s) – Black male, around the same age as Brother X.

(5) Lakia (20s-30s) – Black female, ratchet, loud and obnoxious, causes drama.

(6) Detective Moretti (40s-50s)  White male, any build – plays the role of a seasoned homicide investigator at the Philadelphia Police Department who is hardened by the job and teamed up with a rookie who is quite impressive and more in tune with the streets.

(7) Detective Smith (20s-30s)  Black male, nice build, slick, fast talker, good looking – plays the role of a rookie homicide detective in the Philadelphia Police Department who is partnered up with a more seasoned (and jaded) investigator, Detective Moretti.

(8) Security Guard  Black male, any age, strong & stocky, or large, build.

(9) Fat Ty (30s-40s)  Black male, any build.

4 extras (30s-40s)  Black males, any build.

These are paid positions with unlimited opportunities for growth and success!
To submit, please email: gsmediafilm@gmail.com with the heading/subject: “STAND BY ME.”
Responses without photographs and/or video will not be answered.

Please include the following info:
1 – Full name
2 – Date of birth if under 18
3 – Contact details (email, phone number, etc.)
4 – Height/Weight
5 – 2 clear, recent, color photographs of yourself (one selfie and one full length)
6 – A 1-minute video of your own creation
7 – City you reside
8 – Availability