Cuffed From The Inside is the story of five incarcerated men; Joey, Snip, Mike, Andre, and Slick, and, one incarcerated woman, Bridget. The incarcerated six and their loved ones will do anything in their power to hold their families and themselves together during their bids. Who will make it out of the system sane, alive and still have their families; and, who will lose everything because of going to jail?

Character descriptions:

DELORA WRIGHT| Female| Fair skin| Age: 35-40| Business owner/mother of one from New Jersey. Soft spoken, tenderhearted, keen. Dark long hair, medium build.

ALISA EVANS| Female| African-American| Age:30-40|Salesclerk from Philly. Outspoken, stern yet caring, discerning. Dark skinned, sandy short hair, thick built.

BRIDGET EVANS| Female| African-American, Hispanic, Mid-East-Indian| Age: 30-40| Former hustler, mother of two girls, is incarcerated for drugs and aggravated assaults. Bold, charismatic, smooth talker. Brown skinned, light eyes, short, medium built.

CAREN BRIDGE| Female| African-American, Hispanic, Multi-Ethnic| Age: 30-40| Postal worker from Uptown. Light brown skinned, short, curvy, and sassy.

RUTH LEWIS| Female| African-American| Age: 40-50| College student and single mother of two. Chocolate brown, black short hair, medium build.

DONLIA GIBSON| Female| African-American, Hispanic, Multi-Ethnic| Age: 20-25| Full time college student and part-time LPN. Light brown skinned, average height, thin.

RASHEEDA EDRIS| Female| African-American| Age: 25-30| Drug dealer/booster. Brown skinned, petite, mysterious.

OFFICER WHITE| Female| Caucasian| Age: 28-45| First name JENNIFER, motherless from Jersey City. Pale skinned, tall, thin, long brown hair, smart aleck, crafty.

FEMALE DETECTIVE| African-American, Hispanic, Mid-East-Indian| Age: 40-60 brown skinned, intimidating, seductive.

MICHAEL LEWIS| Male| African-American| Age: 25-30| Jailhouse HVAC Tech| Fair skinned, wavy hair, average height, buff, loyal, clever, hilarious, sentenced four to eight years for narcotics.

OFFICER (C.O)| Male or Female| Any Ethnicity| Age: 30-40

COURT CLERK| Male or Female| Any Ethnicity| Age: 25-50

EXTRAS NEEDED| Any Ethnicity| Male or Female| Age: 20-50