I am looking for 5 actors for a mystery/romance Short film with the run time of 13 minutes. The story is about two thieves that walk on a different side of the coin, one for for freedom the other for survival. What happens when there two worlds collide. It is to be filmed in three or four different locations based in Philadelphia. Plans are to in December between the 12th and 26th. Characters go as follows:


Gloom – 20’s – free spirit, blunt, straight forward, grunge, and stand-offish
Hero – 20’s – innocent, caring, honest, bashful
Mother – 40/50 posh, classy, uppity
Lawyer – 30’s – crooked, sly, bad eyesight, wears glasses, suit

Officer – 30’s – loud
Extras – any age

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I prefer to be emailed so, if interested please do so and I will go from there!