This will be my second Short Film, I am looking for 5 main actors for a fantasy/mystery Short-film with the run time of 30 minutes. It is to be filmed in three or four different locations based in Philadelphia. Plans are to film August between the 14th and September 11th on the weekends for 6 days.

Logline: This is a coming-of-age story about 2 guys who find out they live in a simulation and only have 12 hours to live due to a glitch in the system.

I would like to reiterate that this is Volunteer work so all chosen actors will be compensated with a copy of the finished product for your video reel, Meals provided for shooting days, a T-shirt, and potential gas money.

Main Roles:

Main Character
Jude (male) – Aged between 19-26 – Any race – Shy with girls, caring, enthusiastic, imaginative, a protector, plays video games, and has morals.

Second Main Character
Akir (Akier) (male) – Aged between 19-26 – Any race – Big, a loner, nonchalant, overly emotional, outspoken, needs approval of others, strong, and brave.

Supporting Main Roles:

Theodore (Male) – Aged between 45-70 – Any race – Crochety and wise old man.

Mom (Female) – Aged between 30 -50 – Any race – Dramatic, sassy, and animated personality.

Ivy (female) Handicapped Girl – Aged between 19- 26 – Any race – Cute, clumsy, and confused.

Smaller Roles
Starbucks worker (male)
Starbucks customer (Male)
Teacher (Any Gender)
5 Extras (Any Gender)

My First Short Film

To see some of my work you can check it out on Instagram and YouTube.

All actors MUST be prompt and on time!

If you are interested I prefer to be emailed so please do so and I will go send you a excerpt to practice for video auditions!