About the Project:
“Agency” is a dark comedic web series about a life insurance agent trying to outrun his financial problems before his family catches on, and a loan shark trying to find a legitimate way to report his income to the government.

About the Role:
Joe is the third lead to start the series. He appears to have all the ingredients to a happy life: a stable union job, a nice house, a wife, and a son fighting overseas. Underneath that however, he has a gambling habit that he is trying to repress, a marriage that is starting to fall apart, and a guilty conscience for pushing his son overseas. Joe crosses paths with both the insurance agent and the loan shark in the pilot episode.

This role requires someone who can convey silent rage, underneath a facade of control.

– 40-50 year old white man
– Muscular build
– Head shot, resume, and reel
– Driver’s license

– Has a background in drama and comedy
– Owns a truck