When Terry Jones, a creep golf caddy, finds out he is in the last will of the wealthiest man in town, Dick Frascone, he plans to kill him to get the money now. A grouchy detective, Derek Ford, gets caught up in the mix only to find out everyone is against him. He’s alone in this fight and he won’t stop until the case is solved.

Genre: Drama

Police Chief:
The police chief is the chief of the Silver Spring County PD. He is in his 40s and generally an average looking male. He is the closest to a good person right behind Derek. The chief is still being paid off by Dick but questions it all the time. He is the only one at the station who likes Derek and lets him do what he wants, even if it means losing funds to the station. The chief still upholds some laws, restrictions and rules and knows he should but on the other side he is a little crooked.

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