Paul: A hardworking man, Paul does what he can to help his family, but feels overwhelmed and wants to take some time for himself. He needs a break from the monotony of the life he’s created for himself but struggles with wanting to balance this feeling out while trying to be there for his family when they need him. His need to protect his family is exacerbated when his brother-in-law Matt shows up. Paul doesn’t know Matt very well and Matt’s strange behavior puts Paul on edge.

April: A working mom, April has so much going on, between her job and her daughter, that sometimes things fall through the cracks. April can be forgetful at times which becomes a problem when one of the things that begins to fall through the cracks is her own marriage. April has become so worried about her brother Matt and his lack of communication that she doesn’t seem to notice her marriage to her husband Paul is struggling. After Matt suddenly arrives April is so happy to see him that she is willing to ignore Matt’s strange behavior. Causing strife between herself and Paul who thinks that not only is Matt dangerous but that Matt’s lack of communication has taken a toll on April and their relationship.