This is an independent Film going into Production Between March and July over the course of about 42 shooting days. No role requires more than 11 shooting days.

QUICK FILM SYNOPSIS – Man gets trapped in a B-Movie to find out he’s apart of a greater shared universe. Sub Plots include an array of absurd situations that mirror the seminal real world situations they are seemingly really in, or are they?

Soliciting for Secondary Roles

Kelly Guerrera – Enigmatic seeker of justice who steps afoul of those she accused. Caucasian – Age Range 24 to 29.

Melanie Guttierez – Comic Relief, side-kick of lead character. Single Mother – Hispanic – Age Range 27-34

Ben Caldwell – Confidant of lead character. Sage accomplice. Caucasian – Age Range 35-46

Big Boss Man Frank Philasteen – Corrupt CEO. Caucasian – Age Range 45-57

Sam Grant – Co-Worker – Weapons enthusiast, Great Great Grandson of former U.S. President – Caucasian -Age Range 35-46

Jason Holiday – CO-Worker – Gaming Enthusiast, Voice of Reason. African American – Age Range 26 – 33