We are holding an open casting for our short film “Watch the Movie”

The short film is about a man named Ezekiel from the streets who runs his block as the kingpin. He is tough but keeps things running smoothly. Everyday he listens to a radio talk show in which he idolizes the host Nate Knowledge and lives his life by some of his daily tips. Little does Ezekiel know, Nate knows of Ezekiel and is not fond of they way he is hurting the neighborhood. Nate decides that he wants to meet with the kingpin face to face for an “interview.” Ezekiel happily agrees to meet up with his idol Nate for an interview but unknown to Ezekiel, Nate has something special planed for their interview.

We will be shooting this short film on Saturday March 6th.

We will be holding virtual castings on Tuesday February 23rd and Wednesday February 24th via Google Meet Up. Each audition will be held in 15-20 minute time slots.

The description of the characters is as follows:

Ezekiel Streets – Black Male Brown or Dark Skinned, Medium to Long Beard
Age Range: 30-40, Muscular Body Type, Height: 5′ 9” – 6′ 2”

Nate Knowledge – Black Male Light, Brown, or Dark Skinned, Glasses, Short Beard and Mustache
Age Range 40-45, Medium Build, Height: 5′ 7″ – 6′ 0″

Teenager – Black Male who looks like a young person from high school. No Facial Hair
Age Range: 20 – 25, Skinny, Height: 5′ 4″ – 5′ 7”

Actors will be paid and fed. Actors must sign release forms and contracts.

If you fit one of the roles and have the availability, email your headshots and work samples to Ryan at paradigmtv24@gmail.com and Jamal at jamalm258@yahoo.com. Then we will send you scripts for the reading and figure out what time slot works best for you.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting each talented individual.

Ryan Sellers
Paradigm TV LLC

P.S We will not respond to submissions that don’t fit the character descriptions above. 🙂