Casting actors for an exercise based on the film “Ordinary People”. Required: must not have watched the film, seen a trailer, or any main characters of the film until after production is done. The film centers around Conrad, a young kid in high school dealing with the loss of his brother.

Conrad- 17 (casting 18-22 year olds), male, A mourning young kid trying to control his understanding of the world decides to go to a psychiatrist after his brothers loss.

Dr.Berger (casting 28 to 40), male, Dr.Berger is a psychiatrist for Conrad helping him to deal with the loss of his brother.

Rehearsal and production locations will be on the Temple University Campus. Availability needed on Wednesdays at 2pm to 4:20pm and 5:20pm to 8:50pm from September 18th until October 30th. November dates tbd.

Send all submissions, with a Headshot/Photo, to

Thank you