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A mix of children's programs acquired from PBS and original programming exclusive to the network, which is aimed at preschoolers and their families.

Do No Harm

A brilliant neurosurgeon who has to battle his own alter-ego so that he can live a normal life.

Make Me Under

Young women are taught that using a lot of makeup and products makes you beautiful. This show encourages young women to stop wearing so much makeup and instead embrace their natural beauty

Wedding: Impossible

When he's not rescuing a restaurant, Restaurant: Impossible's host Robert Irvine is busy planning the wedding of a lifetime: his own. And you're invited! This first-time departure for Food Network gives viewers an intimate look into the personal life of their star chef Robert Irvine as he gets ready to marry wrestling star and entertainer [...]

Do No Harm

A brilliant neurosurgeon who has to battle his own alter-ego so that he can live a normal life.

Natural Reboot

A series that helps restore balance to women who feel their lives are out of whack. Each episode pairs the subject with a group of experts who take them on a journey of self-discovery, reflection and positive action.

Our House Rules

Brew Dogs

James Watt and Martin Dickie visit a different American beer town each episode, celebrating craft beers and create their own locally inspired draft. For the Philly episode, the show partnered with Victory Brewing.

Brotherhood of Silver

A raw & uncut drama that unveils every element of Rebus, New Jersey. Watch in awe as Jersey's underground rises!

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The Greater Philadelphia Film Office (GPFO) is a "film commission" representing southeastern Pennsylvania that officially serves the counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia.

We are a member of the Association of Film Commissions International (AFCI). GPFO, first established in 1985 as a part of Philadelphia city government, continues to reside within city offices.

In 1992, we became a regional economic development agency, incorporating in 2000 as the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation.


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