Thousands of hard-working Pennsylvanians depend on the film tax credit incentive program for their livelihoods.  Hundreds have already relocated to other states for work, or are temporarily living away to work to sustain their families.  Help us push for a common goal.

Please connect with the elected officials for your district by emailing or calling to tell them just how important expansion of the Pennsylvania Film Tax Credit incentive program is.  Not sure, of who are the officials for your district?  No problem, you can easily find this information with your address here:

If you aren’t sure exactly what to say, feel free to use this sample text:


Dear __(Elected Official)___,

I am writing as a concerned tax-paying citizen of Pennsylvania who is working in the film industry.  I am writing you to inform you that by supporting the film tax credit program in Pennsylvania, you are supporting Pennsylvania families and businesses.

I encourage your support of all bills or proposals that would either increase the film tax credit annual cap or uncap the film tax credits altogether. 

According to DCED’s Report to the Legislature, since the program’s inception, over $500 million in film production tax credits have been approved/awarded to film production companies under the program. These companies, in turn, have directly injected close to $1.8 billion into PA’s economy; generated an estimated $3.2 billion in total economic activity; and supported an estimated 21,700 jobs. Films bring an unparalleled increase of tourism to an area when it displays it on the big screen.  One only needs to reference the films Rocky, Philadelphia, Silver Linings Playbook and Glass as examples.

Over the past few years, due to the decrease in film work where my family resides, I have seen many of my colleagues, crew and film businesses leave PA permanently for states with dependable film tax credit programs.  Without a competitive film tax credit program, we are losing tax-paying Pennsylvanians and most importantly, life-sustaining jobs.

States like Massachusetts and Georgia are examples of what can be done with an uncapped (or in NY’s case, a $425M annual allocation) program.  The film tax credit incentive program is a win-win for Pennsylvania taxpayers and for the economic impact that film and TV production has on the region it touches.  Please uncap the Pennsylvania Film Tax Credit program.

Thank you for taking the time from your very busy day to read my letter.

Warm Regards,

___(Your Name)__