When an assassin is diagnosed with terminal cancer, she decides to carry out one final killing, assisted by her lover and stepson, Mikey. Director: Lee Daniels Writer: Will Rokos Stars: Cuba Gooding Jr., Helen Mirren, Vanessa Ferlito

Rittenhouse Square

Director: Robert Downey Sr. Stars: Caeli Veronica Smith, Zach DePue, Ranaan Meyer


High school senior Ben secretly lusts after bad boy classmate Johnny. After Ben gives Johnny a ride home one night, the boys end up in Johnny's swimming pool and have an encounter that breaks the rules and blows Ben's mind. Director: Adam Salky Writer: David Brind Stars: Adam Fleming, Michael Cassidy, Marla Burkholder

In Her Shoes

Strait-laced Rose breaks off relations with her party girl sister, Maggie, over an indiscretion involving Rose's boyfriend. The chilly atmosphere is broken with the arrival of Ella, the grandmother neither sister knew existed. Director: Curtis Hanson Writers: Jennifer Weiner, Susannah Grant Stars: Toni Collette, Cameron Diaz, Shirley MacLaine

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Four young friends with big egos and slightly arrogant attitudes are the proprietors of an Irish bar in Philadelphia. Creators: Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton Stars: Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney

Lady in the Water

Apartment building superintendent Cleveland Heep rescues what he thinks is a young woman from the pool he maintains. Director: M. Night Shyamalan Writer: M. Night Shyamalan Stars: Paul Giamatti, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeffrey Wright

Trading Spaces

Two teams, two days, $1000. Each with the help of a professional designer and carpenter, this show pits neighbor against neighbor in a race to redecorate a room in each-other's homes. Stars: Paige Davis, Frank Bielec, Faber Dewar

The 4th Dimension

Jack is a loner confined to a workbench in the back of an antique shop. When a mysterious woman presents him with a broken antique clock that is not to be fixed, unexplainable events begin to occur. Directors: Tom Mattera, David Mazzoni Stars: Louis Morabito, Miles Williams, Karen Peakes

Amazing Race

Multiple teams race around the globe for $1,000,000 to 'amazing' locations. Creators: Elise Doganieri, Bertram van Munster, Evan Weinstein Stars: Phil Keoghan, Jet McCoy, Cord McCoy


A woman addicted to crack and pregnant, sells the soul of her unborn child to the Devil so that it may be born healthy. Director: Sarah Poindexter Writer: Sarah Poindexter

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The Greater Philadelphia Film Office (GPFO) is a "film commission" representing southeastern Pennsylvania that officially serves the counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia.

We are a member of the Association of Film Commissions International (AFCI). GPFO, first established in 1985 as a part of Philadelphia city government, continues to reside within city offices.

In 1992, we became a regional economic development agency, incorporating in 2000 as the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation.


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