Beyond Sixty

Tag line: A Woman’s Age is not her Story

Movie Description/Marketing:

The myth that older women are invisible is shattered in this inspirational and revealing look at remarkable women thriving, leading lives rich in experiences and accomplishments that defy perceptions and reveal what is possible beyond sixty. A woman’s age is not her story. From the voice of Apple’s Siri to one of the oldest women to swim the English Channel, ten women in their sixties to eighties are celebrated, their lives, achievements and stories serving as an example to all of what is possible in a life well lived.

The Director

Melissa Davey, now 70, left an executive career to follow her dream of becoming a filmmaker. She worked for more than two decades as a Vice President at Genex Services, a national Managed Care company.  Melissa was recruited to build and oversee the Social Security and Managed Disability Programs, offering services throughout the United States.  Prior to Genex, Melissa held other senior management positions in both the for-profit and non-profit arenas, specializing in disability services. At 65, inspired by a day on the set with M Night Shyamalan, she made the decision to jump into her dream and make it a reality. During her final year of work at Genex, Melissa developed her idea for the documentary and scouted out local Philly production companies to help her with the filming.  She chose Expressway Productions, now Format,  and a wonderful partnership ensued.  She describes her three years of “learning how to make a film,” the best on the job training she has ever received.  Melissa lives in Valley Forge, PA and her second film is in development.

The Film

Beyond Sixty is a feature length documentary about women over the age of 60 showcasing their experiences and continued relevance as they age.  Ten women between the ages of 63 and 86 share their stories and show that age is nothing more than a number.  The original voice of Siri,  the great-great granddaughter of Madam CJ Walker, and the Sculptor of Lady Gaga’s Fame perfume carriage are among the inspirational stories revealed in this compelling documentary. From a very early age women are made to believe that our relevance has an expiration date. Showing us the power of resilience, defiance and the wisdom of experience, Beyond Sixty will challenge the way we think about aging and the value of our own stories.

Toward the end of 2018 the film was completed and Melissa began submitting to film festivals.  Accepted by 8 festivals in the US and Canada, Melissa spent most of 2019 traveling to the festivals. The film won two Audience Awards, Female Eye Filmmaker Award and was nominated for two Best Feature Doc Awards.  In late 2020, Rolling Pictures took the film to market and it was picked up by Gravitas Ventures at the beginning of 2021.  The film was released on April 6, 2021 and is now available On Demand and through most streaming channels.

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