Hi everyone! I host a web series called ‘Terrell’s Top Five’ where myself and a rotating cast of Comedians discuss a new list that I’ve created on each episode.

The person who was helping me make these has since moved from freelance to a full time gig so I’m looking for someone to help me keep the show going.

I’m looking for a one-person band to film, sound, light, and edit future episodes. I’d very much like to stay close to this established style but I’m open to ways of improving on it.

>> https://youtu.be/mV4O_XN_rMY <<

Looking for a two camera setup with Sony A7S II’s or equivalent. One camera on a tripod and the other handheld to catch candid close ups as we shoot the shit on the couch. Lighting setup is very minimal, and sound can be captured from a boom overhead. Shooting each episode usually goes for no longer than two hours and we film in Center City.

The person I’m looking for would then be able to edit the footage down to around 15 minutes switching between cameras, adjust color, and add lower thirds like in the previous episode linked. No quick turnaround needed but three weeks would be preferred.

I can pay $80 per episode edit. Please email me at erikkyser@gmail.com if you have any interest!

Thank you!