Lead Roles:
•BETH: 25, Determined and competent, a strong sense of responsibility, supportive.
•ERIC: 30, Easy to read, conflicted demeanor, charismatic, controlling.
Supporting Roles:
•DEBBIE: Glamorous, Self-confident woman hoping to be an actress, girl boss energy.
•CAROLINE: 25, Spunky and playful, fun, loving, reactive.
•JOANNE: 52, Wise, good communicator, writer, hard-working and loving mother.
•CHADWICK: 28, Mature, composed, reassuring friend, thoughtful, friendly.
•JAYCE: 27, stylish, quiet, nervous, and agreeable
•PROF. MORANTZ: 65, eccentric, cosmopolitan, quirky, and nostalgic. Prone to daydreaming, but firm on her convictions.Extra•SECRETARY: 24, Composed, hardworking, friendly.

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