Need actors for upcoming short looking to submit in festivals. Pay is deferred. If you’re interested email headshot, resume, reel (optional) to Subject Line: Parental Thiller (Character you’re auditioning for)

Film Description:

Naomie, a top-notch lawyer, receives an anonymous tip that sets her on a path to long-forgotten secrets with devastating consequences.

Naomi: Woman/Early ’30s

A top-notch lawyer known for causing “good trouble” in the name of justice is faced with a dilemma when an anonymous tip gives her a case that puts her between a rock and a hard place.

Father: Man/60’s-70’s

Naomi’s father and a highly decorated judge.

Jackie: Woman/Early ’20s

Noami’s assistant lawyer. Inspired by her boss’s success she also stops at nothing to get justice.

Reporter: ’30s-’50s

A court-appointed reporter, reporting on a huge 1st-degree murder case.

Voice: ’30s-’50s

Noami’s Anonymous tip on a groundbreaking case.

Clerk: ’40s-’50s

Courtroom Clerk.

Jordan Harrison: Black/Man/20-25

Wrongfully convicted of a murder he did not commit.