We are casting 2 lead roles and 8 supporting roles for a union/non-union short film shooting this April in Philadelphia. Please send resume, headshot, and full-body shot. For the lead roles of Luis and Jamilah, please also include self-tape/video reel.

Synopsis: Luis, a recent immigrant who sells “hold music” and Jamilah, a gourmet stuck working in a cubicle, fall in love under unlikely circumstances that involve absolutely terrible music, a lot of blood, and edible flowers.

Jamilah is a Brown or Black 2nd generation immigrant woman, aged 35-45 with curly hair. Stuck in a boring office job, her personal life is full of a passion for cooking. A natural beauty, she communicates her excitement and curiosity through her eyes and face.

Luis is a Brown or Black recently immigrated man, aged 35-45 from Latin America. He has a Latin American accent when he speaks. His fit physique, compulsively neat home, calm and confident demeanor speak to his past military medic background. Raised to be very polite, he is curious and observant of the world around him.

Noor is a 30 – 50-year-old woman who is a first or second-generation immigrant from Central Asia, South Asia, or the Middle East. Naturally funny and kind, she is quick to cut a side-eye when someone steps out of line. British accent.

Bus Stop Lady is a Brown or Black middle-aged veteran of SEPTA who won’t let the drabness of her commute diminish the queen within.

Mr. Elevator is a middle-aged man who has settled into his “businessman from the 50’s” role. Big-bellied with slick-backed hair and a stern face, he has no need to be friendly and no desire to care about your feelings. Race open.

Ms. Poptonics is an older Black or Brown woman who leans back into the ’80s with her matching outfits, fannypack, and imaginary rollerblades.

Cashier is a Brown or Black woman of any age who is skilled at her job.

Saluki Woman is a White woman in her 30’s, thin, tight, and neurotic working in a retail store where they encourage her to be all those things and only those things.

Co-Worker One/Tom is white 25-30 an everyman type guy — beer, baseball, works in a cubicle. He has a good heart, but can come off as rude because he has never had to think about whether or not people like him.

Co-Worker Two is a classic office worker in her 50s. A White woman, she has all the energy and sense of belonging of a person going on their 8th year on the job. She knows the ins and outs, feels secure and capable in her job but also has that sense of “is this all there is?”