Characters to audition for:

Jaz(Female, Age: 18-21, Any Ethnicity)- Jaz is a normal shy teenage girl. She is invited to a Christmas party where she is informed that a popular guy, Jared, has a crush on her. A crush she does not reciprocate. After a game of spin the bottle, confirms her feelings, she ends up meeting a person she really likes later in the night.

Alissa(Female, Age: 18-21, Any Ethnicity)- Alissa is one of Jaz’s friend and the host of the Christmas party. She wants Jaz to hook up with Jared and organizes the game of spin the bottle to get them there. She is a good friend but sometimes doesn’t see what makes her friends uncomfortable.

Rosie(Female, Age: 18-21, Any Ethnicity)- Rosie is one of Jaz’s friends. She is the one to tell Jaz about Jared’s crush on her. She has a crush on Jared, which Jaz encourages to pursue, saying he isn’t her type.

Kat(Female, Age: 18-21, Any Ethnicity)- Kat is one of Alissa’s older sisters friends. She is at the party and catches Jaz’s eye. She later is the one to comfort Jaz in the basement after the spin the bottle game.

Jared(Male, Age: 18-21, Any Ethnicity)- Jared is a popular student at Jaz’s school who has a crush on Jaz. He is overconfident and cocky, which alienates Jaz from his affections.

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