The scene I’m looking to cast and shoot is a flashback scene for a feature film. The main character Stanley is telling a story about the thing he feels the most guilt for having done. He is casually dating 2 women Melissa and Jen. Melissa is excited and starting to fall in love with Stanley and is waiting at his house to stay overnight. Jen is malicious and talks Stanley into taking her back to his house to have sex there while Melissa has no escape.I’m open to the ethnicity of jen and melissa. it is a love scene so partial nudity is will be closed set 2 female actors 1 male actor,director and a camera operator.It is a role that will have to emote confidence, charisma, manipulation, control and malice all through facial expressions, eyes and physical acting. If that’s not an actors goal I don’t what is. The shoot will take place based around availability of cast and crew.