We need someone to play the role of DAMIEN in our upcoming production ‘ONE GUN’. Damien is a car thief who also pulls stick ups. Damien has a sidekick named ERIC who he has known since they spent time in a juvenile detention center together. Wherever you see Eric, you see Damien. Regardless of how they shadowed one another, Damien isn’t as violent as Eric. Damien never enjoys being a menace like Eric and that doesn’t mean Damien hasn’t had to hurt anyone; he just doesn’t like to do it. He witnessed a lot of innocent people die in his youth and never wanted any part of that life, but it wouldn’t stop his passion for robbing and stealing. To request a read for this part, email me at the address provided. We apologize for the short notice, however we begin shooting next month (November 2020). You will only be needed for 1 day or 2 at the most. All meals will be provided and we will be Covid-19 compliant.